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Numinosity is a collection of illustrated short stories that explore the supernatural, awe inspiring and horrifying. "Numinosity" comes from the word "numinous (- adj ˈnjuːmɪnəs)", which amongst other things, refers to the mysterious or awe-inspiring.

Explore the site, comment, criticize, share your suggestions and for updates, like the Facebook page and hopefully you'll feel a little numinous at the end :).

- Travis Francis

It’s been too damn quiet on this page!

But that does not mean I’ve been sitting on my hands. Instead, I’ve been using them to work on a new story (See what I did there ;) ). The story takes place on an extremely alien planet which humans are trying to colonize. That’s all I’m going to say about the story.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be putting up some more one picture stories and maybe some more sneak peeks, as the comic gets closer to completion. So hang in there things will get loud soon enough!


Keera and Jacob had hidden themselves from the Ignatus, ever since Hind had been torn apart by the Chimera. Since then, they had moved constantly from villages to cities to abandoned farmhouses. Keera foraged for something to eat whenever she could but war had scarred the land and food was scarce. They lived off birds, wild berries and scraps, thrown to them by the few who took pity.

As the months rolled on, Jacob grew sickly. His tattered grimy robes seemed to grow bigger as his frame wasted away. Keera tried to distract him by making jokes and playing games like in the old days.

They had found the city of Gyuinor and were eating a piece of moldy bread Keera scavenged from behind a bakery.

“Jacob who would win in a fight; a bear from the Black woods or a team of two fighting dogs like the ones Hind used to keep?” They sat against the wall of a run-down building in the city’s once thriving trade district. Jacob looked listlessly into the distance and remained silent. Keera thought he hadn’t heard her but then he spoke up. “Do you think you’ll be eaten by the Chimera like Hind?”

Keera didn’t know what to say. Just then a shadow passed over their heads. It was the Ignatus. Riding their Griffins, they had somehow spotted the children and were landing nearby to capture them. Keera grabbed Jacob and wrenched him to his feet. They ran down the alley trying to find a crowded main street where they could give the Riders the slip. The alley led to a main street but the people had already been scattered and those that were too slow lay dead, mutilated by the sharp talons and beaks of the Griffins. A dozen Riders circled them, spears at the ready and closing in warily. A captain shouted out, “There’s no way out girl. Just give us the boy or we will attack you like we did your protector”.

Keera looked around, there really was no way out. Hating herself she squeezed Jacob’s arm, “Jacob I’m sorry I need you to help us.” Jacob looked at her with almost blank eyes but she could already see something dark stirring inside. She closed her eyes and let go, what would happen next, would be too much for her to take. She heard screaming, she heard the splatter of blood and rending of flesh. Then there was silence, only the ragged breathing of something terrible. After a while, Keera opened her eyes, Jacob lay unconscious covered in blood that wasn’t his own. Keera lifted the frail body and carried him over to one of the tethered Griffins. She took off and held the boy tight.

They had flown for an hour and she felt Jacob stir. He sobbed into her back his tear absorbed in her frayed robe. “Keera I’m sorry…”, he said.

Keera wiped her tears, “It’s not your fault Jaykee…”

The wind whistled in her ears and the powerful, steady rhythm of the Griffin’s heart beat were the only sounds she heard for a little while. Then with a suddenness that surprised her, Jacob slipped her grasp and slid off the saddle, falling into the clouds.


I was spread out on my back, my armor weighing me down. I had no strength, no life left. We had been defeated there was no reason to stand up again. I settled in for death.

He was a soldier, his armor too stained and tarnished to make out which side he belonged to. In any case I hated them both. I could tell he was barely alive, most likely delirious with blood loss. I approached him with caution, even though I didn’t see a weapon.

I thought I heard splashes, almost like footsteps getting near in the muck of the swamp. I lay still not knowing their intent. Remembering I had lost my lance, I felt exposed and at the same time felt some of my programming creep back into me. Nothing kicks in the instinct to survive like the expected onset of a painful death.

I could tell he was holding himself still. Weighing my options, I came nearer and smiled down at him. He looked up at me squinting to keep the mottled sunlight out.

She was young, female, dressed in a black cloak. She looked like a local but not like the civilians we had encountered in their cities. She was smiling.

He was trying to place me but I knew he wouldn’t be able to. I helped him up. He whispered something but I couldn’t understand what he said.

She reached down to help me. I tried warning her about my liquidation directive.

I struggled under his weight. He was well built under the armor. There would definitely be lots of meat.


It was a storm like nothing I had ever seen. It was alive and it bore malice.

Out of nowhere it came and took us in the night. Lighting struck the masts and hail tore at our sails. The crew was swept away by relentless waves, their screams following them into the depths as they were pulled deeper by grim currents. I survived somehow, I know not how but my thoughts always drew me back to that night. I felt marked.

Since that night I have felt this indescribable urge to venture out into the sea. Far out in distant oceans, I feel a strange peace awaits me. No matter how many times I venture forth, I can never reach it. The storm comes like all the times before. I witness horror after horror. I get so close to the center of that great evil turbulence but always, I am turned away.

I saw it once, the center, the eye. It filled me with a calm that was many times greater that death. It slipped through my being and swept away all that I was and ever will be. Then, in an instant, it vanished like vapor.  But in that infinitesimal moment I knew; that which dwells in the dark heart of the storm needed me as much as I needed it.


Travis Francis 25th Jan 2015, 10:25 PM

Website tweakings

Hey guys! The website is still being tweaked so in case you come across any weird looking objects, bear with me while I fix it. Let me know if you come across any bugs and I’ll try to fix it (I'm figuring it out as I go along).

I'll be uploading a new story once the site is as ready as I can make it. Till then here are some snippets!


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